Why do we need minerals?

All nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats require minerals for proper cellular function.

Minerals are the spark plugs of life. They are required to activate thousands of enzyme reaction in the body.

We lose minerals through sweating (perspiration), exercise, suffering from diarrhea, and consumption of laxatives.

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Mineral deficiency is lack of important minerals needed by the body. Vitamins are not enough for the humans to keep themselves fit, people also need minerals that will provide certain nutrients that will keep the body strong and healthy. Minerals are usually found in the daily foods consumed by the people, but due to environmental exploitation the minerals content of this food is not good enough to sustain the body. Purified water is also devoid of essential minerals. Hence, the people need something that will supplement these minerals.

Nigari is a mineral supplement, particularly rich in macro and trace minerals needed for optimum health and nutrition. It contains magnesium (anti-stress), sulfates, chlorides, and potassium. It is known that Nigari contains more than 40 trace elements like selenium (anti-cancer), boron, manganese, chromium and zinc.

Do you know that...
"Every sickness, every disease, and every ailment can be traced to a mineral deficiency"
Dr. Linus Pauling, a nobel prize awardee
"Most minerals (from food) are 8-12% absorbable while liquid minerals (from the sea) are 98% absorbable."
Joseph Marion, Author of Anti-Aging Manual

The fruits and vegetables nowadays are coming from soils which are over planted, and saturated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  The end result is that the food we consume to give us nutrition are not anymore sufficient than they were meant 30 years ago.


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Features and Benefits

Nigari contains 100% Natural Minerals which are readily absorbed by our body.  It shall replenish the lost minerals in food and purified water.  With more minerals, it keeps the body property hydrated, sustains stamina and brings back life's energy throughout the day. When taken regularly with proper diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle may help:

  • Improve energy and stamina
  • Boost immunity and resistance against sickness
  • Fight stress
  • Strengthen bones, teeth and nails
  • Improve physical condition and prevent lifestyle related diseases such as hypertension, cancers, diabetes, arthritis, constipation, kidney stones, premature aging, and others.

Contains more than 20 essential minerals (macro minerals and trace elements)

  • Increased absorption and utilization of nutrients such as; carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and enzymes in the body
  • Increased oxygen availability to cells
  • Increased detoxification of the body as a whole
  • Improves body fluids and electrolytes balance
  • Boost organs and immune system

100% natural ocean concentrated minerals

  • Does not contain any preservative or coloring
  • Cannot be duplicated in laboratory
  • Natural sea mineral is ionic and can be fully assimilated in the body
Safe and pleasant to drink
  • Can be enhance the flavor of tea or coffee
  • Taste like fresh buko juice (young coconut when diluted with water)

Nigari is liquid in form, and the minerals and electrolytes are in ionic form.  This makes it instantly absorbed by the body upon drinking.

Minerals Signs of Deficiency
Magnesium Anti-stress mineral) depression, muscle tension, irritability, nervousness and hyperactivity, constipation, fatigue, muscle cramps, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat
Selenium (Natural anti-oxidant) poor growth, dry flaky scalp, skin problems, cancer, high blood pressure, frequent infections
Chlorides Hair and tooth loss, poor muscular contraction and impaired digestion
Sodium Fainting, intolerance to heat, muscle cramps, loss of appetite, mental apathy and headache
Potassium Rapid irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, cellulite, confusion, low blood pressure
Manganese Dizziness or poor sense of balance, convulsions, loss of hearing, paralysis
Chromium Blood sugar fluctuations, high cholesterol level, cold sweats, excessive thirst, dizziness
Boron Postmenopausal osteoporosis, arthritis, memory loss, loss of libido
Cobalt Pernicious anemia, weakness, nausea, loss of appetite
Sulfur Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, arthritis
Zinc Loss of sense of smell and taste, joint pains, slow wound healing, recurrent infections
Copper Anemia, inflammation, arthritis
Fluoride Dental carries, poor tooth development
Calcium Muscle cramps, insomnia, nervousness, joint pain, tooth decay, osteoporosis
Phosphorous General weakness, loss of appetite, bone pain, rickets osteomalacia, low milk secretion/production
Lithium Manic depression, mood swings
Iron Anemia, fatigue, loss of appetite, listlessness, nausea, sensitivity to cold
Bromide Insomnia, epilepsy


Pregnancy Complications

Pregnant women are also vulnerable or atrisk to malnutrition. This is because of the increased nutrient needs during these physiological stages.

During pregnancy, there are special nutrient needs to meet the demand of the growing fetus, which depend entirely on the nourishment from the mother's food. There is a need for additional nutrients such as energy, protein, folate, iron, calcium and iodine and other micronutrients to ensure a healthy baby. It is a natural mechanism that the growing fetus will make use of the nutrient reserves of the mother to protect the pregnancy outcome, but to the risk of the mother's health.

The mother's nutrient reserves are usually depleted when her food intake is not enough. Thus, supplementation and dietary modification is needed to fill the nutrition gap, to ensure a successful pregnancy and prevent micronutrient deficiency complications.

When you're pregnant, magnesium helps build and repair your body tissue. A severe magnesium deficiency during pregnancy may lead to:


Pre-eclampsia is a disorder that occurs only during pregnancy and the postpartum period and affects both the mother and the unborn baby.. Typically, pre-eclampsia occurs after 20 weeks gestation (in the late 2nd or 3rd trimesters or middle to late pregnancy.)
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Signs and Symptoms

  • Elevated blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Presence of excess protein in your urine (proteinuria) after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The excess protein is related to problems with your kidneys.
  • Severe headaches
  • Changes in vision, including temporary loss of vision, blurred vision or light sensitivity.
  • Upper abdominal pain, usually under the ribs on the right side
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Decreasesd urine output
  • Sudden weight gain, typically more than 2 pounds a week


  • Insufficient blood flow to the uterus
  • Damage to the blood vessels supply
  • A problem with the immune system
  • Poor diet

Prevention and Management

Nigari Mineral Supplement
  • Have a regular pre-natal care/early check up with your midwife or physician.
  • Maintain desirable weight gain during the entire pregnancy.
  • Bed rest. Avoid excessive and strenuous activity.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle. Avoid stress and learn to de-stress.
  • Eat a healthy diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables. Lessen intake of salty and fatty foods.
  • Take multivitamins and mineral supplement.
  • Proper level of mineral magnesium supplementation during pregnancy can help keep the uterus from contracting until week 35. Dropping levels at this point may start labor contraction.
  • Magnesium supplementation during pregnancy may be able to reduce fetal growth retardation and pre-eclampsia, and increase birth weight.
  • Take nigari Mineral Supplement Drops. It contains natural minerals and rich in magnesium. Consume at least 40 drops a day, add this to your water and juice.

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Leg cramp

Pregnancy-induced leg cramps

Gestational Diabetes

Birth defects

Infant mortality


Research suggests that proper levels of magnesium during pregnancy can help the uterus from contracting until week 35. Dropping levels at this point may start labor contractions.

Magnesium also helps in various ways

  1. Build strong bones and teeth
  2. Regulates insulin and blood sugar levels
  3. Helps certain enzymes function properly
  4. It may also control cholesterol and irregular heartbeats

Should I Take a Supplement?

During pregnancy, you'll need 205 mg of magnesium daily.

A healthy, well varied diet may give you all the magnesium you need, although there are mineral supplements available like Nigari (nigari font) mineral supplement drops, 100% natural and safe. It also contains other micronutrient such as selenium which works as anti-oxidant.

How Much nigari100% Natural Mineral Supplement Should I Take?

You may take at least 20-40 drops of nigari added to drinks twice a day for optimum supplementation of magnesium from nigari 100% natural mineral supplement. You may consult your OB-Gynecologist/Midwife for prescription of recommendation.


other minerals

Chronium: A little bit is all you need - It stimulates the synthesis of protein in your growing baby's tissues. It is also necessary for regulating your blood sugar level.

Copper: Essential for forming blood cells - Copper also boosts your body's ability to mend tissue, break down sugars and keeps your hair growing and looking healthy.

Manganese: Building bones and cartilage - Manganese is a mineral that is involved in the formation of bone and cartilage; it plays a role in the development of your baby's inner and outer ears.

Potassium: Keeping your body in balance - Important for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in your body's cells.

Iodine: Important for proper thyroid function and prevent brain defect - Iodine helps to develop your baby's nervous system.

Calcium: Builds strong bones and teeth - It is also needed for a healthy heart, nerves and muscles and normal blood clotting abilities. If you don't get enough calcium in your diet, your baby will leach it from your bones, which may impair your own health later on.

Zinc: Supports your immune system - Also important for the rapid cell growth that occurs during pregnancy and helps maintain your sense of taste and smell, and heal wounds.


Pacita Bacuyag, 56 years old, Female Lal-lo Cagayan
Case: Rheumatoid arthristis

I am having rheumatoid arthritis before. My fingers become so stiff, hindi ko na maigalaw. But when i start using Nigari, I felt changes such as my fingers and hands are now working fine. no more arthritis... and I also noticed that I have a better stamina. after 15 hours of night trip by Bus, I can stiil go on with my work, as if hindi ako puyat.

Elsie Locsin, 58 years old, Female Bayawan City
Case: Hypertension and Hyperacidity

My mother in law is taking nigari and she said she is not suffering hyperacidity and stomach pain anymore. She used to be hypertensive and now with regular use of Nigari, her blood pressure becomes normal. I, myself also try to take nigari and become slim and energetic. My daughter is a public school teacher and takes nigari too and feels alright and energetic as well and so with her 3 months old baby because she is breastfeeding.

Rosita M. Macachor, 68 years old, Female Cebu City
Case: High Blood

Before taking Nigari I have my maintenance tablet for my high blood pressure which level to 140/90 or 130/90, after taking Nigari it lowers to 110/70. To find and being curious, I skip taking my maintenance tablet and using back Nigari. 110/70 then I skip my Nigari and back to the tablet, the reading is 130/90. So I was convinced that Nigari is of great help. Now I'm using Nigari everyday. Present B.P 110/70.

Givina Tuason, 34 years old, Female Commonwealth Quezon City
Case: Asthma

I had an asthma since 1995 due to pollution and allergies, since then I maintain ventolin inhaler in case of attack. In August 2005, I take Nigari as my supplement. Time pass by, I never had an asthma attack and no more wheezing. Nigari drops everyday with healthy lifestyle and enough rest.

Gerard Khonghun, 32 years old, Male Quezon City
Case: Dandruff

I have severe dandruff problem since high school. I have tried all shampoos for anti dandruff but it does not work. I tried Nigari in March 2005, by end of April 2005 I noticed that my dandruff reduced to 90%. My doctor says it's selenium deficiency that was helped by minerals in Nigari.

Estella Basuel, 73 years old, Female Pangasinan

After taking Nigari for 1 month I noticed the pain (arthritic pain) in my left arm stopped, as I continue to take it I can assure you that I haven't had the pain until now and I believe this is the effect of Nigari.

Dr. Linus Pauling   What's the secret to long life?

Amami Island in Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world with its people reaching 120 years of age.

The factors are:

  • They have abundance of minerals in the water they drink and air they breathe.
  • They have a diet rich in sea foods, sea weeds, brown sugar, tofu, and uses natural salt.
  • They have a sense of purpose (reason to live) among the elderly.